Comfort & Convenience

Introducing the OMNI seated scooter sharing APP. We fused the seated functionality of a bicycle with the energized motor of an e-scooter, bringing you the perfect hybrid for your everyday urban commute.  

Keep moving

Avoid the hot and humid day and enjoy the cool wind rushing through you.


We use the latest advancement in IoT and hardware to bring convenient commute to your finger tips.


Each OMNI has lights to increase visibility and also a disc brake that provides security for your trip.

Find your 0MN1

With the app you can find the most complete and comfortable PMD to enjoy your ride.

How it Works


  • Find your OMNI near you and unlock through our APP to began your trip.


  • Enjoy your ride at a low cost. Make sure to bring a helmet!


  • Upon reaching your destination, park your OMNI at the designated zones please.